About Allie


Hey! I’m Allie, and I eat ice cream with a fork.

Let’s be honest. The Easy Mac, Honey Bunches of Oats, and McDonald’s that filled my college years hardly prepared me for a future full of success in the kitchen. For college-going 20-somethings, a time will eventually come when we actually need to COOK something (maybe even for someone else’s consumption!), but we aren’t sure when. It is daunting to think about that future, and we put it off for as long as we can by surviving on precooked Trader Joe’s meatballs and Minute Rice.

Graduation came and went in 2010, and I gained a lovely husband (read: another mouth to feed). After we got married in August of 2011, I felt myself wanting to harness this newfound domesticity, but clearly needed some guidance. My mom and mother-in-law offered some wonderful advice (and still do), and off I went! Thanks Mom and Patty!

My first attempts in the kitchen were simple, family recipes that were pretty much fail-safe. As a novice cook I wanted to stick to what was tried-and-true. Things like chocolate chip cookies, meatloaf, and slow cooker pulled pork are hard to mess up. However, I quickly branched out to satisfy my hunger (both literally and figuratively) for culinary development. I found myself wanting to recreate restaurant dishes and try new ingredients I had never heard of before. I started experimenting with recipe substitutions and learning new methods while constantly improving my basic skills.

I have now acquired a real passion for cooking and baking. My kitchen has been transformed from a room full of intimidation to a warm and welcoming place overflowing with joy, love, and full bellies. The more I cook, the more I love it. The more recipes I try, though, the more I am comfortable making my own changes and additions, thus creating entirely new recipes!

This blog is an opportunity for me to catalog the recipes I find success with and how I have made them my own.


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